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2023 Rally : Flight of the Valkyries

The 2023 Valkyrie Moto Rally was held in Fort Smith, AR on October 6 and 7.  Riders had the option of starting remotely or starting at the host hotel in Fort Smith.  The majority of riders chose to start in Fort Smith although it should be noted that the 1st place finisher did start remotely (she said she just wanted to flower sniff.....right).

This page has some information about the rally.  You will find the rallybook, rally instructions, and some cool videos made from photos and videos taking before, during, and after the event.

Check the website here for more in the future and if you have Facebook, look for our private page, Valkyrie Moto Rally.  Sorry, guys, women only.

2023 VMR Banquet Start Video

2023 VMR Video by Chris Hopper

Video by Terrance of Misadventures of T & R

VMR Bonus Locations (Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet)

Click the photo below for the MS Excel spreadsheet of the rally bonus data.  What this sheet does is lists each bonus by bonus code, bonus name, city and state, and GPS coordinates.  It also has a link to website information about that bonus.  For those wanting to play armchair rallier, it has a 'Routes' tab, which allows you to input a route and see the point totals.

excel cartoon.jfif

2023 VMR Instructions

A rally typically has a unique set of instructions which provides guidance on the event's rules and an understanding the theme and premise of the rally.  It will often explain how bonuses should be collected, how rest and meal bonuses should be structured and documented, and where and when to finish before time ends.  Click the picture below for a PDF of the rally instructions.


2023 VMR Bonus Listing

The meat and potatoes of any rallybook, click the picture below for the PDF of the rally bonus listings.  These are extremely important as they list the information found in the Excel spreadsheet but also list essential details such as bonus availability, bonus collection instructions, and provide a bonus reference photo.


Image Gallery

A series of images from the Valkyrie Moto Rally.  All of these images, and more, can be found HERE

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